Danielle James_dksjames.com_We Rise to Resist coverComing in March 2018: We Rise to Resist: Voices from a New Era in Women’s Political Action featuring Danielle’s essay, “En Masse.”

This book, written in the unique voices of women resistors who are participating in a growing, women-led, effort to “make America great again” on their terms, represents the first chapter in the emerging story of this movement.

Their voices echo the sisterhood of determined women, and men, everywhere who love America and stand in solidarity over their concern for its future.

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Hear how NYC game changers live life on their terms with KeyJargon.

Bompa by Danielle James VOTY Honorees 2017


Bompa is a She Knows Media Voices of the Year Honoree in the Short Written Work category. The piece was recognized and featured at BlogHer 2017.


Read the full poem.

Diversity in Tech Awards Finalist | Two or More by Danielle James https://dksjames.com

Danielle won the Individual Award at the 2017 Diversity in Tech Awards. This award recognizes individuals, organizations, and initiatives that work to illuminate and eliminate the diversity gap in tech.

Check out Shine Text‘s #ResolutionRealTalk campaign, featuring Danielle as the narrator.


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Audreycan.com Blogger's Bookshelf: Best of 2016 featuring Two or More by Danielle James

Two or More is included in Audrey Can’s Blogger Bookshelf: Best of 2016.

In Audrey’s words: “This is a beautifully written account of Danielle James’ life, and her refusal to fit inside any box. It’s a story of her parents, her life, and journey to reconcile who she is with who others perceive her to be. It made me sit a while and think about identity and if the woman people believe me to be is anything like who I really am. I bet it will do the same for you!”

Oakland Arts Review, Bompa by Danielle JamesBompa is featured in the inaugural issue of the Oakland Arts Review.

Read the full poem.

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