What My Mother Should Know

The second installment of the Powerful Poetry series was written by the wonderful poet Abyssinia Pla El and highlights feminism, identifying as a woman, and generational differences.

The accompanying illustration “Let It” was drawn by her sister Tiphareth Pla El.



Let It by Tiphareth Pla El | Two or More by Danielle James


You’ll get over this feminism stage,

is what my mother tells me. Though,

I’ll always be a woman.

Like she is. and my hands

will remain creased with wrinkles.

Like I used to scrub our laundry

on a metal & wood washing board. and my hips

will stay small hills glued to my thighs.

As if I’ve birthed four children.

My tongue will continue to be this

sharp. As though I’ve lived 50 years

honing this wit.


I’m a woman. So is she.

but no one told her that was significant.


About the Author: Abyssinia Pla El was born in New York to American parents. Get your daily poetry fix by following her on Instagram.

About the Artist: Tiphareth Pla El is an illustrator hailing from New York. You can view her work on her site, Instagram, and Etsy.

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